Our Professional Services


As a local home grown brand by itself, our service attitude is to ensure on no compromise of our workmanship and film quality served to our clients. To be able to acheive this, we make sure no rush job is done for any single vehicle we accept daily, be it by appointment or by walk in basis. Also, we are continously working hand in hand with our counterparts source from the USA. With strict QC control, even doing double QC from our source factory, and checking and testing of films batch by batch, installing our own products on our own vehicle upon receiving new arrival film stocks (no joke) yes, installing and removing and always installing batches and batches of films on our own cars endlessly!

Car Film Functions

Solar & UV Protection

More privacy from outlook

Clear (HD) driving vision

Block out heat faster

Car interior & upholstery protection

Anti glare function

Reduces 95% shattering impact

Not affecting gadgets & IU signals

Cabin comfort & cooling

Our Nano Ceramic Film

Before: Blurred Vision

Brand XYZ

After: Clear HD Vision

Stealth Film Workz